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IS THIS FLSA RETALIATION? (By Guest Contributor) When a GS-6 employee complained to her supervisor that she was not getting paid for all the overtime she was working, the supervisor stopped giving her any overtime for a month. On her … Continue reading

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DAMAGE TO EMPLOYEE’S PROFESSIONAL REPUTATION COSTS AGENCY $4,000 EEOC just issued another decision awarding an employee $4,000 in damages for the “embarrassment, frustration, social isolation, and injury to his professional reputation” he suffered when his manager confronted him about his … Continue reading

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RETALIATION, SPOUSES, AND CATS News broke last week that retaliation against employees spiked last year.  So, FEDSMILL.com thought it might be a good time to remind everyone what actions are considered retaliation and the options for dealing with it.

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EXCLUDING UNION REPS FROM CHOICE ASSIGNMENTS Almost every job has those few assignments that carry a lot of hidden benefits, e.g., they almost always earn those assigned a cash award, generate extra promotion points, or even almost automatically boost one’s … Continue reading

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