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EVEN DISCLOSURE BY MISTAKE OF MED INFO IS ILLEGAL AND COMPENSABLE Instead of sending an email notifying his supervisor that an employee had been taken to the hospital, a CBP manager sent all 118 co-workers at an Arizona station naming … Continue reading

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THE ONE-EYE AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER APPLICANT GETS 8 YEARS BACK PAY Back in 2008, Emiko applied for an Air Traffic Controller position and was selected contingent upon a medical exam and background check. When she completed her medical forms, she … Continue reading

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EEOC PROVIDES ADA GUIDANCE FOR EMPLOYEES’ DOCTORS If you have ever been involved with a disabled employee’s request for a reasonable accommodation, you know that a lot depends of what the employee’s doctor does and writes.  EEOC just gave them … Continue reading

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TEST YOURSELF- FMLA, DISABILITIES, AND LIGHT DUTY An employee, Jessie Crutch, had a long-time reasonable accommodation of being allowed to rest his hip for a few minutes every few hours while working as a warehouse custodian.  As the injury got … Continue reading

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ZIP IT! – WHEN MANAGERS VIOLATE YOUR PRIVACY          This is not the first time we have written about managers who either can’t keep their mouth shut or their documents clean.  The newest example is the Chief of Dental Services who … Continue reading

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EEOC TO MANAGERS: “ZIP IT!—CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?” MEMBER ALERT!     In October, FEDSMILL.com published an article entitled, “EEOC To Managers: Zip It!”  It was about various laws that prohibit managers from discussing publicly what they know about an employee’s … Continue reading

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