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WHEN SUPERVISORS VENT, THEY MAY HAVE TO PAY There are lots of situations inside and outside government where some manager is “miffed” that s/he must respect an employee’s rights under the law and they might walk away muttering to themselves—maybe … Continue reading

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MANAGER’S EEO-RELATED THREAT IS ILLEGAL AND COSTLY An employee, who EEOC calls Shelby, had a meeting with a high-level manager to describe how he believed his first line supervisor was discriminating against him.  When the employee finished outlining the allegations … Continue reading

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WHEN THE DENIAL OF TELEWORK COULD VIOLATE LAW Just a few weeks ago, Judge Rosemary Collyer, the judge who declared the proposed DHS collective bargaining rules illegal, issued an interesting decision that gives employees suspended or removed from telework a … Continue reading

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WHEN IS FAILURE TO INVESTIGATE ILLEGAL RETALIATION? NAGE-SEIU confronted a situation where the agency refused to investigate an employee’s EEO allegation and suspected it was due to some lingering hostility toward the employee for having testified against the agency in … Continue reading

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SSA SUPERVISORS CLUELESS AGAIN LR specialists have so concentrated power in their hands that employees and union reps rarely can have a substantive discussion with their managers about fixing problems promptly. There may be some agency benefits from this approach, … Continue reading

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