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FLRA ADDRESSES HOW SPECIFIC A GRIEVANCE MUST BE TO SURVIVE Not long ago FEDSMILL posted a piece entitled, “Grievance Strategy Issues- Part 4” which examined how specific a grievance must be to avoid several traps that can destroy an otherwise … Continue reading

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MEASURING THE QUALITY OF A UNION We have always thought that you can measure the quality of a union by how quickly it moves a member’s grievance to and through arbitration for a final decision. After all, for every member … Continue reading

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WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS WRITTEN GRIEVANCE? Look over the facts listed below to see if you can spot the potential problem in how this grievance was written.  Sarah Smith, our fictional employee, did not make the Best Qualified List for … Continue reading

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NTEU’S “ALVARA-RASSENFOSS” DILEMMA One thing that distinguishes NTEU from almost every other multi-local union operating in the federal sector is that the decision to arbitrate a case in any unit is made by NTEU’s National President, the highest officer in … Continue reading

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AFGE PULVERIZES PERFORMANCE STANDARDS No one on the union side of the table should ever argue that it is easy to evaluate employee performance.  It is not.  But at the same time, AFGE just showed that OPM, a wholly-owned subsidiary … Continue reading

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WINNING OVERTIME COMPENSATION GRIEVANCES The FLRA is obligated to impose remedies that make employees whole for harm suffered due to contract violations or ULPs as well as impose remedies that discourage continued violations. It recently reminded everyone what employees and … Continue reading

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FLRA FUBAR: ARBITRATING PROBATIONARY TERMINATIONS In December 2011 the Authority had a chance in NTEU, 66 FLRA 416 to fix an error it made decades ago that denied unions and agencies the right to consolidate the numerous appeal options of … Continue reading

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FREE HEARING TRANSCRIPTS FOR UNIONS In 1991 FLRA announced that management must provide unions free copies of an official transcript of an arbitration hearing. 

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UNIONS FOOLISH TO REFER EEO COMPLAINTS TO AGENCY EEO OFFICERS LEADER ALERT! Too many unions think that they should not use the grievance process to pursue employee complaints about civil rights discrimination. As a result, they refer employees with discrimination … Continue reading

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HOW TO GRIEVE PROMOTION INTERVIEW SCORES STEWARD ALERT!     As explained in FEDSMILL’s recent four-part series on how to grieve promotion decisions, one way is to challenge the promotion scores. A large part of those scores often comes from an interview. … Continue reading

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