Agencies are quickly moving to limit remote work now that the worst COVID pandemic appears to be behind us and we thought we would pass along what may be the best thought out union grievance we have seen trying to enforce employee remote work protections.  If you are working this issue, click over to the AFGE Councill 222 web page to look at their grievance.  While we are not suggesting all unions try to produce as prodigious a document as 222’s, a quick reading will spark more than a few ideas for most unions to use. We want to add one tip, however.  When drafting your remedy request, ask for employees to be reimbursed any leave they took that they might not have had to take had they been on remote work.  For example, if they took leave at 4 p.m. for a MD appointment at 5 p.m., why should not that leave be reimbursed.  After all, had the employee been working at home she might not have had to take the full hour to travel there.  Getting an arbitrator to order retro leave reinstatement opens the door to reimbursement for any attorney fees the union can claim. Don’t miss the union’s three information requests either on this web page.

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