Just a couple of weeks ago we were extolling AFGE’s commitment to boosting membership by giving out $100 for every newly signed 1187. CITE But the National Weather Service Employees Organization has gone far beyond that with this announcement, “NWSEO will provide airfare, 3-nights lodging, and group meals for the 2015 convention” to “any NWSEO member who recruits two or more new members to join NWSEO using the 1187 for payroll deduction.”  The program is in effect for an entire year before the convention.  Now that is organizational commitment, but it is needed. The union claims to represent about 4,000 unit employees, but has reported to DOL that only 1,475 are paying dues.  NWSEO has a good record of improving working conditions for its members, e.g., it just got employees a $300 rebate for any fitness club fees they pay, got local Administrative Support Assistants upgraded to GS-8, it stopped a 4-day sequestration furlough plan, etc.  Consequently, once again we see that low membership figures are not about the quality of representation, but about leading the union to address all the other critical variables and driving up a commitment to recruit co-workers is the next best option for driving improvement. 

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