MSPB pleasantly surprised us recently with a decision in Reid v. Dept. of Navy, 2012 MSPB 94(2012) that lays out how to get harsh penalties for falsification mitigated down to a reprimand.

To begin with we must note that the Board was not too upset with the facts of the alleged falsification.  In fact, it repeatedly called it a technical falsification, even though it involved an instructor certifying that an employee had completed all levels of a training course when he had not.

The Board began by pointing out that the factors of particular relevance in determining the reasonableness of a penalty in a falsification case are: (1) The nature and seriousness of the offense and its relation to the appellant’s duties, position, and responsibilities; (2) the appellant’s past disciplinary record; (3) the effect of the offense on the appellant’s ability to perform at a satisfactory level; and (4) the mitigating factors surrounding the offense. This is something it has said in prior cases.

It then listed the factors that led it to replace a demotion with a reprimand:

  • the appellant is a long-time employee with more than 18 years of federal service, 10 of which were with the police force;
  • the appellant was a good police officer, notwithstanding this misconduct, who was promoted relatively quickly in his career;
  • the appellant had no prior disciplinary record;
  • the appellant admitted the errors that he made;
  • the appellant was truthful throughout the course of the proceedings regarding his conduct;
  • the appellant’s conduct constituted common practices for which there is no evidence that other employees were disciplined, even when such conduct was reported for investigation; and
  • the appellant has much potential for rehabilitation.

So, if you are defending an employee accused of falsification, here is one path to follow to get the penalty mitigated.

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