Barely a week goes by in Washington without a news story about how the political activists who put Kiko and Abbott on the FLRA are working to crush the rights and dignity of the LGBTQ community.  Most recently, Senator Mike Lee of Utah got headlines for tormenting  the proposed member of the EEOC. The Senator was trying to extract a promise that she will turn her back on the LGBTQ community just like so many of the leaders of that political cult are doing. The cult leaders are trying to reduce “those people” to mere targets to be hit as often as possible.  We can only imagine what Kiko and Abbott do to the poor grievant headed their way with an arbitrator’s back pay award declaring that the supervisor failed to act in a fair, equitable, and non-discriminatory manner in evaluating an employee (and distributing  performance bonuses) based on the employee being transgender. That will be their chance to show their cult that they have as much contempt for those LGBTQ people as anyone else and their support for their President’s effort to make America fabulous again. Once they have taken care of the LBGTQ undesirables, this cult can turn its attention to the next group of people they do not approve of. Maybe Kiko will have some time then to get a leadership post of the cult’s Committee to Grab Whatever We Want ‘Cause They Really Like It.

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