If you have followed FEDSMILL.com for a while you know that we try to shine a light on particularly good union web sites. We have spotlighted ones at NFFE, NTEU, & AFGE, and we want another to the list. The GAO Analysts, who are affiliated with IFPTE, have done a great job. Some of the things that impressed us were how easy it is to read–uncluttered, good colors, wonderful layout. ¬†Beyond those features,

it highlights stories that are likely of great interest to any employee. If unions have one great gift to give all bargaining unit employees it is information about their workplace, their rights and their options. Providing high quality representation is also a big asset for employees, but unless they know their rights and what is happening to similarly situated employees all around them they are unlikely to spot situations where they are being shortchanged.

Be sure the check out the front-page story entitled, “2011 GAO Analysts’ Rating Distribution.” It is a PERFECT example of giving employees information that they will not get anywhere else. It lays out the performance appraisal ratings in each group of analysts in the unit. That is pure gold for an employee who otherwise has no idea how he or she stands in relations to co-worker’s ratings, e.g., do they deserve a higher rating or even an award? The employee will never know this unless the union uses its power to get the information and publicize it.

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