One of the more frustrating things to deal with as a union negotiator is office remodeling.  It seems that at last once a decade the office furniture industry convinces government that if it makes work spaces smaller, employees will smile more, generate more work, live longer, be healthier, adopt a straighter moral path, grow taller, experience less tooth decay, and/or beg to contribute gobs of uncompensated overtime.  We are tempted to call these industry schemes the snake oil of all office maladies, but in reality they are largely just profit makers for the industry. And by the time the agency lets the union know new layouts are coming, the purchasing contracts are often signed, the delivery trucks on their way, and existing walls coming down. So, it pays to stay on top of what the office furniture industry has planned for next and we just saw a good article that scares the bejeebers out of us, “6 Desks That Will Make You Happier And More Productive At Work.” Check it out.

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