Joe Davidson of the Washington Post just wrote a piece every federal sector union rep should read with the same title as this post. It outlines how a certain Congressman from Utah is getting ready to drag unions through the grinder.  Once the Congressman has names of specific full-time union reps very little can stop him from calling them to testify before his Committee. We hope that no one out there thinks that this is going to be a friendly examination of possible reform efforts. We also hope that unions are going to do something more than keep their heads down and hope that when this trailer truck of a probe rolls over them the tires do not leave tread marks a good comb over can’t hide. The Congressman is getting ready to do a very one-sided, allegedly “fair and balanced” review of the federal ER/LR program. Unions need to find some academic allies who can generate an actual fair and balanced approach as well as a little evidence of their own on how wasteful probes like this are. Somebody start thinking creatively.

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