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16 WAYS PROBATIONERS CAN APPEAL TERMINATIONS The single biggest lie told newly hired federal employees may be the words “Probationary employees have no rights.”  The second biggest might be that there is nothing the union can do for them during … Continue reading

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PROBATIONARY EMPLOYEE INTERVIEW CHECKLIST If a probationary employee comes to the union for help because he/she is about to be or has been terminated, the union should go over the following issues with the employee to see if there are … Continue reading

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REMOVAL MITIGATED FOR DE MINIMIS INCIDENTS STEWARD ALERT!     A recent MSPB decision gives unions a valuable precedent to use when defending employee against discipline or removal.  In this case (Raco v. SSA, (9/29/11)), the agency removed the employee for 22 alleged … Continue reading

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RESIGNING WITH A CLEAN RECORD REDEFINED MSPB has just changed how it will interpret termination settlement agreements that call for the removal, cancellation or even change of the official record. In this case, management settled a removal appeal by agreeing … Continue reading

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