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FEDSMILL staff has over 40 years of federal sector labor relations experience on the union as well as management side of the table and even some time as a neutral.

FMLA LEGAL UPDATE The American Bar Association annually publishes a review of all the significant court cases around the country dealing with FMLA.  It is a great source of information for those folks—union and management alike—who do a lot of … Continue reading

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“ENGLISH! ENGLISH!” That is what a manager shouted at two employees he found speaking Spanish while casually asking about each other’s families. When the employees filed a complaint alleging that was discrimination, the agency responded that surely a one-time incident … Continue reading

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RIGHTS TO A SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETER EEOC has just ruled on yet another case where an agency tried to skirt a employee’s right to a sign language interpreter. We thought it would be helpful to highlight the Commission’s simple statement … Continue reading

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SHOULD FLRA REWRITE ATTORNEY FEE CASE LAW? While abuses are not rampant, they are there. One lawyer will charge five times what another does to win the same kind of case. Hourly fees are based on seniority rather than the … Continue reading

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EEOC RULES METHODIST NEED NOT WORK SUNDAYS An interesting ruling came out recently in a case known as Stanton v. Brennan, USPS, EEOC No. 0120172696 (2019). The employee, a Methodist, claimed that his religion prohibited him from working on a … Continue reading

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WHAT UNIONS CAN DO WHEN AGENCIES END NON-DISCRETIONARY BONUS PROGRAMS Given the anti-employee bias, if not contempt, built into the DNA of the current FSIP many employers are taking the opportunity to terminate negotiated performance award programs, e.g., annual awards … Continue reading

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NFFE COULD FILE FALSIFICATION CHARGES AGAINST ABERDEEN MANAGEMENT We would. An arbitrator found that an agency failed to follow the contract obligation about the background of those on a promotion “rating panel” and gave two grievants priority consideration.  It did … Continue reading

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FLRA’S ABBOTT TRASHES PRESIDENT  Jim Abbott came out hot in a new FLRA decision condemning the foul, racist-tinged language used day in and day out by our President. Shedding his unofficial title as the Administration’s most notorious moral hypocrite, The … Continue reading

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CONGRATS TO AFGE FOR ITS CIVIL RIGHTS PASSION The media carried a story today about how an AFGE rep from the TSA went to see a Georgia Congressman about issues important to his members and the Congressman’s constituents.  As the … Continue reading

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DO FMCS MEDIATORS LIE? That’s a tough question to answer when you know so many totally honest and honorable mediators, but the hard lesson we learned was that there are some who will. So, negotiators, especially union negotiators, need to … Continue reading

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