We are getting questions about how far back an arbitrator can order an agency to grant back pay as if there is some legal limit on it.  We are not going to get into the laws allegedly limiting how far back arbitrator can go. Rather, we thought we would point out a few cases where arbitrators and judges have ordered agencies to go beyond six years prior to the date the grievance or claim was filed, even if that means decades.

CONGRATULATIONS, VELVA! YOU HAVE JUST WON 12 YEARS OF BACK PAY PLUS … These employees getting a decade or more of back pay for standing up for themselves must feel like the “Publishers Clearing House” van just backed into their driveway. … Continue reading →

EEOC ORDERS 19 YEARS OF BACK PAY An employee filed an EEO charge in 1998 claiming she was being harassed because of her race, national origin, color, disability, age, and prior EEO activity.  Just last month after years of deliberate … Continue reading →

EEOC ENFORCES 9 YEARS OF BACK PAY We can’t say enough about employees (and unions) who stay in a fight with their agencies for years and years to force the agencies to pay every dime owed.  No deals, no settlements, no … Continue reading →

THE ONE-EYE AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER APPLICANT GETS 8 YEARS BACK PAY Back in 2008, Emiko applied for an Air Traffic Controller position and was selected contingent upon a medical exam and background check. When she completed her medical forms, she … Continue reading →

AFGE WINS $35 MILLION IN BACK PAY FOR EPA MEMBERS just reported that the AFGE Council of locals in the Environmental Protection Administration has settled a grievance for $35 million in retroactive overtime pay.  EPA management had told these … Continue reading →

HOMELAND SECURITY PAYS MILLIONS FOR DECADES OLD EMPLOYEE COMPLAINT  If the Washington Post story is accurate, and we highly suspect it is, the Dept. Of Homeland Security just agreed to pay about 100 employees an average of $240,000.00 each in … Continue reading →


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