Forbes Magazine published an article recently entitled “Workplace Romance Statistics.” It delivers a bundle of very sound data showing that organizational leaders that feel a need to stamp out workplace romances are direct descendants of the most puritanical Puritans who arrived on the Mayflower and went on to burn witches in Salem. These cultural troglodytes cost their organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars in trained, experienced, and tested talent by firing the romantics just to satisfy a moral itch. Fortunately, the best union leaders are working to support staff who develop an affection for one another. Even where there is a power disparity within a couple, such as when a supervisor has a relationship with a subordinate, history has shown that the best way to deal with that is to find a way to separate them organizationally–not interrogate, intimidate and fire them. If the romance or post-romance seems to adversely impact their performance, go after them for the performance flaws, not for having had a romance.

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