Probably not? But EEOC deserves high marks for all the effort it is making to get the word out there.  What is its message?  One, Federal agencies are starting to use Artificial Intelligence software to make promotion selections, discipline, and other major personnel decisions.  Two, …

agencies are not immune to discrimination charges just because computers make all or most of some personnel decisions.  Three, unions should use the four-fifth’s rule to do a preliminary analysis of whether an agency AI system is discriminating. If your national union is not including AI among the topics on which it provides training to its locals, then locals would be wise to at least check out the following web sites:

Select Issues: Assessing Adverse Impact in Software, Algorithms, and Artificial Intelligence Used in Employment Selection Procedures Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

Artificial Intelligence and the ADA

522 Other Posts on the EEOC Search Page

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