Just thought we would let you know that charges were filed against Kiko and Abbott, Trump’s political operatives at the FLRA over their very deliberate and deceptive misrepresentation of a Supreme Court decision.  We fully support the idea because what they did may be the most reprehensible act of any FLRA members, which includes a long string of anti-union zealots.  We will keep you posted on what happens next to the extent we know.  Of course, the bar associations to which they belong may decide not to address the facts, find them innocent, or decide that substantively changing the words of a Supreme Court precedent to mislead the thousands of non-lawyers who fell in line with the now disgraced FLRA decision is not a big deal. But wouldn’t it be swell if someone in this Administration is held accountable for malicious behavior? For more background on this check out this Fedsmill.com posting: https://fedsmill.com/barcharge7565-2#more-7565

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