On July 5, 2013, a VA Doctor filed a formal EEO complaint claiming that the VA discriminated against him based on race, national origin (Middle Eastern), religion (Muslim), and in reprisal for prior protected EEO activity. The employee was terminated about 3 months later during his probationary period.  The EEOC found Veteran Affairs guilty in all but one cited incidence and ordered the doctored be reinstated with back pay or given “front pay.”  (When an agency does not want to (or cannot) rehire the employee, EEOC orders the agency to pay the employee a salary anyway until his subsequent job equals or exceeds his federal salary. This is called front pay.) This probationer was given substantially more than $3 million in back and front pay along with damages. Check out Terrence H., v. Robert Wilkie, Sec’t’y, DVAs, EEOC No. 2019005811 (2020) for details.  This is a good case to show a probationer who thinks s/he has no way of pushing back against an agency when treated unfairly.

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