We will always remember Carol Pope as the person who not only kept Dale Cabiness from pulling the plug on FLRA, but who also nursed it off life support once Dale resigned. Today, we saw yet another sign of how healthy the Authority has become when we clicked on FLRA.gov and saw a brand new web site. Although the old site was not hostile to readers as some union sites are with their tiny print, word-clogged front pages and inscrutable placement of key data, this one has to rank at the top of the user-friendly sites in government. (AFGE.gov is an example of a top-notch union site.) The routes to different data are clearly presented, the key information resources are just one-click from the home page, and thing is attractive—a key feature of an organization looking to invite people in rather than scare them away. While we are not yet ready to say that FLRA is in tip-top shape, with this bit of modernization out of the way the members can turn their attention to toning up its still sagging parts, such as the glacial speed of the ALJs, and the nearly indecipherable case law around particularized need, formal meetings, past practice, and a few other practitioner-hostile areas.

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