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TIME TO RECONSIDER THE “SEVERE & PERVASIVE” SEXUAL HARASSMENT STANDARD If you have ever represented an employee complaining about sexual harassment you know that case law requires a very high degree of proof, i.e., you must prove the improper behavior … Continue reading

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SEXUAL HARASSMENT QUIZ: WHO STAYS AND WHO GOES? If one employee alleges that another employee in the same office is sexually harassing him, does the Agency have to move one to another workplace while it investigates the matter?  If so, who … Continue reading

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MSPB NEEDLESSLY EMBARRASSED THIS FDIC EMPLOYEE Not long ago we ran across an MSPB case filed by an FDIC manager challenging his demotion and reassignment for having a sexual relationship with a bargaining unit employee who reported to him. Although … Continue reading

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MANAGEMENT LIABLE IF PUBLIC HARASSES EMPLOYEE What can an employee do if a member of the public regularly sexually harasses her?  For example, suppose the person regularly makes sexually suggestive comments, perhaps touches the employee on the arm or shoulder, … Continue reading

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SEXUAL HARASSMENT LEADS TO $168 MILLION JUDGMENT YIKES! We all know what can happen when a dispute goes to a jury, but when the jury in this case gave the employee $168 million in damages for the harassment she suffered, … Continue reading

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