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WELL ISN’T THIS AN INTERESTING UNION COVID RESPONSE Some enterprising legal eagles in New York City just filed a class action lawsuit claiming that an employer must provide reasonable accommodations to employees at risk of catching COVID-19 at the job site.  Their … Continue reading

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THE REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION SEARCH AREA How far must an agency search in seeking a position to which it can reassign an employee needing a reasonable accommodation?  Here is what EEOC said recently. “We emphasize that a federal agency’s obligation under … Continue reading

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HR SPECIALISTS ALERT: DISABILITY LAW IS EVOLVING FOR YOU Suppose a manager calls HR one morning to report that one of her probationary employees has refused to perform a certain function of the job by the established due date and … Continue reading

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DISABLED EMPLOYEE BEATS IRS What is a disabled federal employee to do when her agency does not quickly react to her request for reasonable accommodations to help her deal with a disability which her psychiatrist documented as follows: “Complainant had … Continue reading

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$120,000 LIGHT BULB If managers ever needed an example of why it is always easier to work out a quick, voluntary agreement to a problem-even when they have doubts about the validity of an employee’s problem, this is the case.  … Continue reading

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RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION COVERAGE EXPANDING? A couple of years ago we posted an article entitled, “Church Lady Smites DOD.”  It discussed an EEOC case in which the employee had asked that her work hours be adjusted so she could not just … Continue reading

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ACCOMMODATING ALMOST EVERY TIME IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH Not long ago the Dept. of Defense tried to defend itself against an allegation that it had failed to provide a deaf employee a reasonable accommodation by pointing out that it had … Continue reading

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REASSIGNMENTS RIGHTS FOR DISABLED EMPLOYEES Disabled employees just got a little more clout to insist on reassignment to jobs they can do.

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$300,000 FOR A DENIED REASSIGNMENT Employees almost never have the right to demand a reassignment to a different supervisor, job or location.  But if the employee has a disabling condition for which a reassignment would be a reasonable accommodation, the … Continue reading

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SSA’s $8,987 ONE-PERSON SPACE HEATER How did the Social Security Administration turn the cost of a hundred-dollar personal space heater for one employee into something nearly 90 times as expensive?

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