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FDIC FLIPS, FLOPS, FLAPS, & FLAILS The FDIC leadership is currently doing its best impression of a fish tightly caught on the end of an angler’s line. It’s struggling mightily in a desperate attempt to break free of the hook … Continue reading

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FDIC CLOBBERED FOR LACKING CREDIBILITY FDIC management has been ordered to rehire a former employee retroactively to late 2000.  KAAAA-POW for management and KAH-CHING for the employee.  EEOC found that management repeatedly lacked credibility when it tried to explain why … Continue reading

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NTEU PROVES FDIC PAY RAISES VIOLATE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT NTEU charged the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation with discriminating against its African-American employees and those 40 and over when it distributed performance awards. Last week an arbitrator agreed ruling that FDIC … Continue reading

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