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FLRA CHANGES POLICY ON POSTINGS VERSUS E-MAILS FLRA’s newest decision announced that in the future it will typically adopt a union request  that an agency guilty of a ULP be required to  send all involved employees an e-mail announcing its guilt and … Continue reading

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LESBIAN RUMOR COSTS HOMELAND SECURITY $100,000. When rumors started to spread about a lesbian relationship among three women and favoritism by the manager among them, one of those women complained to agency managers asking them to make the rumors stop.  … Continue reading

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THE APPROXIMATE REMEDY Too many arbitration cases have come before the FLRA where the union failed to ask for a tough enough remedy.  Often, it appears the union concluded that it would be too tough to prove precisely what would … Continue reading

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ARE YOU “GETTIN’ ENOUGH”— FROM GRIEVANCES? (Part 1) One of the first mistakes a union can make when drafting a grievance is to not ask for enough of a remedy. Not only does the grievant potentially lose something she might … Continue reading

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ZIP IT! – WHEN MANAGERS VIOLATE YOUR PRIVACY          This is not the first time we have written about managers who either can’t keep their mouth shut or their documents clean.  The newest example is the Chief of Dental Services who … Continue reading

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BORDER PATROL COUNCIL SETS UNIFORM $$$ PRECEDENT The Border Patrol Council set a nice precedent for the rest of us whose members are required to purchase uniforms.  Thanks to what the arbitrator ruled was Customs and Border Protection’s rigidity, management … Continue reading

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AGENCY CAN BE ORDERED TO PAY EMPLOYEE INCOME TAXES STEWARD ALERT!     When the employer is ordered to give an employee a back pay lump sum amount, it can also be required to compensate the employee for any extra income taxes … Continue reading

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