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WHO REALLY DESERVES THE BLAME? AFGE KNOWS It looks like the media is going to spend more than a little time this summer on the story about the horribly long security lines in airports. Congress, as it always does, has … Continue reading

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UNONS WATCH AS IRS REPORTS UNPAID ANNUAL TAXES RISE TO $458 BILLION The title of this posts comes from a simple but powerful New York Times story that recently explained why the federal government is understaffed, its employees often underpaid, … Continue reading

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CONGRATS ON AFGE’s VA SCANDAL RESPONSE (How Scandals Are Planned In Advance) Congress may not pass any laws, budgets, treaties or other legislation, but it sure does have a guaranteed way to generate scandals in federal agencies.  Since the media … Continue reading

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AMERICA’S BEST INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY What would you do if you had an investment opportunity that paid you $7.00 for every $1.00 you invested?  If you need a hint, look at what Congress is doing–and then do the opposite.  The NY … Continue reading

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