It looks like the media is going to spend more than a little time this summer on the story about the horribly long security lines in airports. Congress, as it always does, has moved quickly to cast the blame on the agency for the delays by calling hearings where it gets to stage the process to look as if our elected representatives are fighting for us. But don’t be fooled by the stagecraft because the ONLY people to blame are those in Congress. AFGE highlighted some facts about the TSA delays recently that make it crystal clear who is to blame, “The Transportation Security Administration currently has about 42,000 officers on the job, down from 47,000 in 2013. At the same time, the volume of passengers has risen 15 percent, from 643 million to 740 million.” That, folks, is due to the failure of Congress to fund government. Don’t let neighbors complain about TSA. It is not the “TSA Problem.” It is the “Congressional Problem.” It strikes us that Congress is like an abusive husband who refuses to give his partner (aka wife) enough money to buy food, but then berates her (or worse) for not feeding the family well. Congress has done it to IRS, the VA, TSA and others as part of a PR campaign to hide its long- string of cowardly judgments.

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  1. Terry says:

    Respectively is TSA provided adequate funding to purchase and maintain the most up to date equipment, to facilitate inspection the travelor, in an effective and efficient manner, which in turn would reduce the wait times at our nation airports? If the answer is “yes”! Why do we not have that equipment in place Now?

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