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A “PARTICULARIZED NEED” BARGAINING TABLE TIP See if you can figure out how the following situation could have been better handled by both parties—and the FLRA.  The union filed a grievance alleging the agency failed to pay unit employees for … Continue reading

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FDIC CLOBBERED FOR LACKING CREDIBILITY FDIC management has been ordered to rehire a former employee retroactively to late 2000.  KAAAA-POW for management and KAH-CHING for the employee.  EEOC found that management repeatedly lacked credibility when it tried to explain why … Continue reading

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FREE HEARING TRANSCRIPTS FOR UNIONS In 1991 FLRA announced that management must provide unions free copies of an official transcript of an arbitration hearing. 

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EDITORIAL – WHAT HAPPENS AT FLRA HAPPY HOURS How do we know that FLRA is having regular happy hours during the day?  Well, we don’t, but something like that must be happening based on the quality of its particularized need … Continue reading

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