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NFFE, NON-DISCRIMINATION AND THE NLRB Way back in 1986 NFFE demanded an agency give it data on employees so that it could pursue civil rights claims on their behalf, and FLRA upheld the union’s ground breaking logic then as well as two … Continue reading

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A PLEASANT PARTICULARIZED NEED PRONOUNCEMENT: Test Yourself A nice thing happened last week.  The Authority issued an easier to understand than normal, unanimous decision on particularized need.  (AFGE, 68 FLRA 492 (2015))  See if you can predict what the ruling … Continue reading

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WANT TO KNOW WHAT WORK YOUR AGENCY HAS CONTRACTED OUT-OR WILL? FLRA has made it very clear that while unions cannot negotiate over an agency’s substantive decision to contract out work, they can negotiate over impact and implementation issues. (See NAGE, 61 … Continue reading

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A “PARTICULARIZED NEED” BARGAINING TABLE TIP See if you can figure out how the following situation could have been better handled by both parties—and the FLRA.  The union filed a grievance alleging the agency failed to pay unit employees for … Continue reading

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WHAT DO SELECTING OFFICIALS OWE BQ CANDIDATES?  A LOT! Law requires selecting officials to explain to non-selected BQ promotion applicants why they were passed over. In fact, it requires them to be quite specific about why. See if you can … Continue reading

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EEOC NORMALLY ORDERS CREDITING PLAN DISCLOSURE OPM, FLRA, and the courts may be highly reluctant to order an agency to disclose a crediting plan to a grievant or the union, but EEOC is not.  It has addressed the issue over … Continue reading

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FEDSMILL’S PARTICULARIZED NEED FORM While science’s two-decade long, multi-billion dollar search for the Higgs-Boson particle ended in success (and according to some putting man virtually face-to-face with god), the quest for particularized need has proven more challenging than that for … Continue reading

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MSPB EXPANDS ACCUSED EMPLOYEE’S RIGHT TO INFORMATION A Homeland Security Agent was fired for falsifying an official form.  When he tried to defend himself by pointing out how supervisory employees who committed the same offense were not fired, DHS management … Continue reading

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FDIC CLOBBERED FOR LACKING CREDIBILITY FDIC management has been ordered to rehire a former employee retroactively to late 2000.  KAAAA-POW for management and KAH-CHING for the employee.  EEOC found that management repeatedly lacked credibility when it tried to explain why … Continue reading

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FREE HEARING TRANSCRIPTS FOR UNIONS In 1991 FLRA announced that management must provide unions free copies of an official transcript of an arbitration hearing. 

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