Private contractors are everywhere in government because a bundle of politicians believe that private sector firms can always do the work faster, better, and cheaper than federal employees.  I could give you a list as long as my arm of studies and cases where that was shown to be wildly untrue, but the politicians love the campaign contributions contractors send with the money they get from federal contractors.  In any event, federal employees are in the best position to spot when contractors are padding their bills or otherwise defrauding the government. Consequently, while they should know that when they do they can get a share of the fine the government imposes on the contractor, the first step is to make sure stewards know about this.  After all, they are most likely to hear co-workers talking about any contractor rip-offs. So, we thought we would pass along a post from The Employment Law Group, a law firm operating in D.C., that wrote about how it got two federal employees big bucks for blowing the whistle on some contractor games. Check out the short piece here.

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