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PARENT ATTENDANCE AT SCHOOL IEP COVERED BY FMLA While OPM is not bound to follow what the Department of Labor says about how to administer the FMLA, it almost always does.  So, now that DOL has said private sector employees … Continue reading

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THE FUTURE OF OFFICIAL TIME UNDER TRUMP The Administration and its finger puppets at FSIP are making it nearly impossible for unions to continue agreeing to bank time systems to represent employees.  Ironically, they are also requiring agency executives to … Continue reading

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IMPOSING EXTRA REQUIREMENTS TO APPROVE FMLA LEAVE LIKELY ILLEGAL A federal judge just shined a spotlight on a problem employees can encounter when they ask for FMLA leave as opposed to other kinds of leave.  The judge said the agency … Continue reading

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IS BANK TIME ONLY PERMISSIVELY NEGOTIABLE WITH UNIONS? Union and agency negotiators started creating banks of time for union reps to use because it made a lot of sense for both sides.  Management, for example, no longer had to make … Continue reading

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YES, AMERICA IS RIGGED AGAINST WORKERS “The United States is the only advanced industrial nation that doesn’t have national laws guaranteeing paid maternity leave. It is also the only advanced economy that doesn’t guarantee workers any vacation, paid or unpaid, and the only highly developed country (other … Continue reading

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SPECIAL COUNSEL RECOMMENDS KELLYANNE CONWAY’S REMOVAL FOR HATCH VIOLATIONS Don’t expect to see President Trump’s top political operative leaving the White House any time soon with her head hung low, personal belongings in a box, and a pink slip dangling … Continue reading

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