Federal employees’ rights to practice their faith is broadly protected, but in an era where more and more employees feel free, if not compelled to proclaim and preach their religious views to other employees questions are arising about just how far the right to express one’s religion goes. There is a great piece in the blogosphere about this from the folks at LAW.COM that we advise you to read. Here is a key passage. “Take this hypothetical: Richard works in a regional office of a large, multinational corporation with thousands of employees worldwide. He’s worked there over 20 years with a solid record. He would call himself a ‘devout Christian’ and believes that homosexual behavior is a sin because the Bible says so. One day, Richard comes to work and sees several new posters around the office as part of a company-wide diversity initiative. Each poster depicts a fellow employee with the slogan ‘Diversity is Our Strength.’ One also had the caption ‘Gay.’ In protest, Richard posts two passages from the Bible that condemn homosexual behavior right above his cubicle.”

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