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LIST OF EEOC AWARDS FOR EMOTIONAL DISTRESS DAMAGES OVER $100,000 Too often employees decide not to file a discrimination claim because they believe it will mean a lot of work and heartache for very little payoff.  We have tried to regularly … Continue reading

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MSPB RECKLESSLY DENIES CBP OFFICERS DISABILITY RIGHTS MSPB just took away from Customs and Border Protection Officers a right many other federal employees have under the disability discrimination laws to a particular accommodation.  It is charitable to characterize the Board’s … Continue reading

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NTEU’S “ALVARA-RASSENFOSS” DILEMMA One thing that distinguishes NTEU from almost every other multi-local union operating in the federal sector is that the decision to arbitrate a case in any unit is made by NTEU’s National President, the highest officer in … Continue reading

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CONGRATS TO US (FEDSMILL) FOR OUR 3/400! Even if we have to say so ourselves, “Bravo, for hanging in there.”  Next month is our three year anniversary and just this week we posted out 400th article. Not bad for a phone … Continue reading

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WHY BARGAIN OVER (& GRIEVE) AGENCY REGULATIONS? MSPB wheeled out a great example why in a decision this week reversing an employee’s removal due to the withdrawal of his security clearance. After finding that the agency complied with all statutory … Continue reading

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KEN MOFFETT, JR. TAKES OVER NTEU NEGOTIATIONS DEPARTMENT We did not see a formal public announcement about this, but are delighted to hear that Ken Moffett, Jr. has taken over as NTEU’s Director of Negotiations. (He replaces Frank Ferris, who … Continue reading

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CONGRATS TO IFPTE There are several unions that specialize in representing federal employees, e.g., AFGE, NFFE, and NTEU.  You could even say that they dominate the federal sector union landscape.  However, the IFPTE continues to rack up organizing victories in … Continue reading

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FOLLOW THE MONEY AFGE has done it, NFFE has too, and now NWSEO has as well. They have all “put their money where their mouth is” and admitted that “it takes money to make money.”  The point is that each … Continue reading

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WE LIKE THIS WEB PAGE Every once in a while we run across a particularly good web site and when we do we try to share it with everyone as a potential model for what others could do.   This week … Continue reading

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WANT TO BE A LABOR LAW EXPERT? Here is one way to take a large step in that direction. The FLRA General Counsel’s Office recently posted its “Unfair Labor Practice Case Law Outline.”  It is 108 pages of summaries of … Continue reading

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