Agencies do not often propose to withhold a Within Grade Increase (WIGI), which is also known as an Acceptable Level of Competence determination (ALOC). But because it is so rare, it is easy for a union rep to make a mistake about when it is time to file a grievance.  FLRA has spoken to this very specifically.  Here is the quiz question: At which of the following steps in the withholding of a within grade process can the union file a grievance?

  1.  When the employee gets a letter proposing to withhold the increase in 60 days of s/he does not improve his/her performance.
  2.  At the end of the 60 days irrespective of whether the employees gets a decision letter.
  3.  When the employee gets the formal decision letter.
  4.  Along with the employee’s request for a formal reconsideration decision.
  5.  When the reconsideration decision is issued by management
  6. At any of the above junctures in the process.

ANSWER – Well, the answer is not #6. Nor is it 1-5.  We spelled out the correct time to file a grievance is our posting entitled, “When Not To Grieve WIGI Denials.” In short, the employee must request a reconsideration decision, which is a review of the file by a manager at a higher level than the manager who made the initial decision. A grievance is only appropriate once the reconsideration official denies the grievance

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