MEMBER ALERT!     Employers are now required by a new federal regulation to minimize the potential for workplace violence, whether it comes from members of the public seeking help, co-workers, or anyone else allowed into a workplace.  The OSHA issued a rule in September that identifies high-risk work locations, e.g., criminal justice settings, where employees work alone, work in high crime areas, and where the employees possess significant amounts of money. From now on, employers must do the following in these locations:

1.   Conduct a workplace violence hazard and security assessment,

2.   Keep records of violence incidents,

3.   Develop response teams and procedures to provide immediate care to victims, and

4.   Reengineer the worksite to minimize risk.

The OSHA regulation applies to federal workplace pursuant to 29 CFR 1960.16 which states, “Each agency head shall comply with all occupational safety and health standards issued under section 6 of the Act, or with alternate standards issued pursuant to this subpart.” If you feel there is a problem or just want to know more about this brand new regulation heckout the following web site:

If you want some help, check in with your union representativs.  The unnion can file a grievance to enforce the regulations or even contact the U.S. Dept. of Labor to ask that it send an inspector to examine your situation.  If you are a union representative forward a link to this story to any co-workers who you think should know about this new help tha tis available.

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