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WHY FEDSMILL WILL EXISTS EVEN AFTER THE 1,000 POSTS TO DATE Although management usually has more power than employees, a union rep with expert knowledge of what law, regulation and contract already entitled employees to and who knows multiple ways … Continue reading

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HOW TO USE FEDSMILL FOR MAX VALUE What do you do with the FEDSMILL posts you get?  If you read them, that’s good because we started this blog in order to boost everyone’s awareness of what rights employees have and … Continue reading

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FEDSMILL IS LOOKING FOR RESTRUCTURING IDEAS Leadership of all the federal agencies that so deeply impact federal employee lives is about the change radically, bringing with it new challenges for some and opportunities for others. We want to get ready … Continue reading

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MILESTONE MARCH March 2015 has been a very good month for FEDSMILL.com.  We posted our 500th article since beginning this venture in September 2011.  We also set a new personal record for the number of articles read in a single … Continue reading

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CONGRATS TO US (FEDSMILL) FOR OUR 3/400! Even if we have to say so ourselves, “Bravo, Fedsmill.com for hanging in there.”  Next month is our three year anniversary and just this week we posted out 400th article. Not bad for a phone … Continue reading

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