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SAY “THANKS, BUT NO THANKS” TO BACK PAY FROM FSIP OR INTEREST ARBITRATORS- Part 2 Less than a month ago we posted an article warning the parties, but particularly unions, about the potential problems with asking the Panel or interest … Continue reading

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FLRA’S CONFLICTING BACK PAY CRITERIA Assume that the head of a large federal employee office somewhere in the Midwest suddenly decided to change employee shift hours.  Instead of everyone’s shift being 8 to 5:30 every day, she announced that on Monday and … Continue reading

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$50 MILLION IN BACK PAY OR 210,000 DAYS OF RESTORED LEAVE OR OPTION 3? IRS has a tough decision to make.  An arbitrator just ruled that when it furloughed employees for three days in 2013, it violated the law.  But … Continue reading

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