Not long ago we posted a piece entitled, “LR’s ‘Biggest Losers.””  It was about how the LR decision-making at DHS is so poor that NTEU has a .789 winning percentage against DHS and AFGE .761 percentage.  That winning record would put them ahead of the 1927 “Murders’ Row” Yankee team that won 110 out of 154 games. So, here is an update on the May 13 posting.Both unions picked up another victory in June making boosting their winning percentages.  NTEU is batting .800 and AFGE .772.  Their next benchmark is Michael Jordon’s 1995-96 Chicago Bulls mark of .878.

If you are feeling sorry for DHS, don’t.  That would be like feeling sorry for a team owner when he or she sits back not doing a thing to help the folks on the field.   In this case, Secretary Napolitano is doing her best impression of Marge Schott as her team goes down the LR drain–absent all the cultural bias.  Oh, that the Secretary could demand as much excellence from  her executives when treating employees as she gets in how they stop terrorists.  The folks to pity are the DHS first and second line supervisors.  They have to take the field every day in front of thousands of employees to make LR decisions knowing full well that the front office folks have put them in a position where the average employee knows that the union is far more likely to be right about the contract, regulations and law than any first line manager.

So, stay tuned as these two fine unions chase Michael Jordon into the history books.

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