We certainly are not advocating they do this; in fact, that would be terrible.  However, Kiko and Abbott have repeatedly proven their loyalty to the President who appointed them by gutting employee rights and tormenting their union representatives. So, now that the President has decided that he is going to deny visas to the gay partners of diplomats as part of his cult’s approach to American justice and fairness, the odds are the two Trumpettes on the FLRA will once again not only follow his lead, but do so proudly. After all, what is the big deal about a few thousand screwed over employees if that is what it will take to get Kiko and Abbott more political appointments?

To begin, their deep commitment to their cult should mean we will soon see a Kiko-Abbott order that there be no more gay partners at FLRA social gatherings. It would be so disrespectful to the President and his Make American Great Again campaign if they allowed gay partners to enter federal workplaces when our country’s policy is now to keep them out of the nation. Once the FLRA’s own quarters are secured against the threat of a caravan of gay partner invasion, Kiko and Abbott can then turn their attention to how gay partners are undermining America’s deep state labor relations. Any union proposal that rewards a federal employee or his/her gay partner will need to be trashed as non-negotiable; perhaps they declare it contrary to efficient and effective labor relations criterion.  All those gay feds stationed overseas should expect union efforts to give their partners the same rights as “properly married” heterosexual partners, for example, reimbursement to travel with a partner, to be ruled in violation of some theory Kiko and Abbott cook up. They found it easy to invent new criteria for the excessive interference test and what constitutes a classification grievance; so disrespecting gay partners should be a piece of wedding cake.

Similarly, union efforts to enforce employee rights to use FMLA to care for sick gay partners or to take time off to adopt a child with a gay partner should be tossed aside like some politician body slamming a reporter. And don’t even get us started on giving the unions the right to bargain for child care subsidies for children of gay partners. How utterly ridiculous and offensive to our President’s position on gay partners. These children should be made to suffer for the decisions of their gay parents. If the ambassador from a nation that fights alongside America against ISIS and similar terrorists can’t get his partner into our country why should the child of a gay fed be supported by the tax dollars of good Americans concerned with making America fabulous again?

We know there are skeptics among our readers who are probably thinking that surely the courts will overrule any such decisions coming out of Kiko and Abbott. Maybe that happens on those cases appealable to the courts not preoccupied with their next BYOB bash. But don’t forget that the law gives Kiko and Abbott unreviewable power in most arbitration cases to enforce any reading of the law they desire. If they want to engage in the all-too-common gay-bashing past time of a certain American cult, not much is going to stop them beyond a decent set personal values. They have not shown that yet. In fact, Kiko has boasted about her connections to a church that has been—quite hypocritically–at the forefront of cultural efforts to denigrate gays. Making life more difficult for them, as her political sponsor is doing, might just get her to heaven that much sooner. And do we really have to say anything about Abbott’s loathing of the liberal democratic agenda now that he has what he wanted from it? They have revealed repeatedly who they are and what they are about.  No one should expect any change.

We hope our readers will not confuse the sarcastic style we used in this post to think that we support what Kiko and Abbott can potentially do to the LGBTQ community. We find the idea deplorable, and hope that unions will once again have the strength to fight back against any such efforts.

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  1. Ashby Crowder says:

    It is disappointing to see this in what is otherwise an excellent resource for union reps and officers.

  2. Confused says:

    This has to be the most poorly reasoned piece of shite I’ve read this month.

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