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UNION REP TEST #4 (EEO- Medical Information Privacy) The rehabilitation Act prohibits managers from disclosing physical or mental medical information they have about an employee to anyone without a legitimate reason to know.  Nonetheless, managers repeatedly ignore the rule and … Continue reading

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DOES THE OSC OWE THIS BEDFORD, MA. VA EMPLOYEE AN APOLOGY AND LOTS OF CASH? Although the Privacy Act was passed over 40 years ago, that doesn’t mean that everyone is following it.  For example, the President’s newly appointed Special Counsel … Continue reading

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MSPB NEEDLESSLY EMBARRASSED THIS FDIC EMPLOYEE Not long ago we ran across an MSPB case filed by an FDIC manager challenging his demotion and reassignment for having a sexual relationship with a bargaining unit employee who reported to him. Although … Continue reading

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RETIRED STEWARDS’ AND OFFICERS’ JOBS JUST GOT TOUGHER In the early days of the labor law, FLRA made it quite clear that former employees or even those who had never been employed by a federal agency could hold any representational … Continue reading

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10 NEW (AND LEGAL) WAYS AGENCIES CAN SPY ON EMPLOYEES A union not only works on current employee problems, but also looks ahead to looming ones. Agency spying on employees (or monitoring, if you want to be polite) is one … Continue reading

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FMLA & SICK LEAVE RECORD RULES EEOC has very specific rules about where employee FMLA and sick leave medical documents can be stored. If the agency violates them, they may owe the employee money damages—as a recent Dept. of Justice … Continue reading

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UNION BOOSTS CUBICLE PRIVACY NTEU won a FSIP decision in early August requiring the agency (EPA, Region 7) to not only give unit employees cubicle walls that had 46 inch high solid material bases, but to also add 22 additional … Continue reading

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ZIP IT! – WHEN MANAGERS VIOLATE YOUR PRIVACY          This is not the first time we have written about managers who either can’t keep their mouth shut or their documents clean.  The newest example is the Chief of Dental Services who … Continue reading

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MEDICAL LEAVE AND ADA/ADAAA There are two very good articles circulating that union leaders should read. The first comes from the law firm of Constangy, Brooks & Smith, and it explains EEOC’s approach to leave requests for medical disabilities. It … Continue reading

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