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HOW TO MEASURE MANAGEMENT UNFAIRNESS Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a way to measure how unfair agency policies or practices are, especially if the measure was widely recognized as having evidentiary value? Of course, it would because union … Continue reading

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ABOUT “SAME RACE” DISCRIMINATION Although it rarely comes up in the media, we thought you might like to read a short piece from the law firm of Fox Rothschild.  It is about what happens when a supervisor uses racial slurs … Continue reading

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SHORT, SWEET, AND UNQUESTIONABLY ILLEGAL When an VA employee asked for a reasonable accommodation, VA management moved the request very efficiently by providing a prompt denial and ending the discussion of the request. Short and sweet, but according to EEOC … Continue reading

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CHIEF ALJ LIES AND EMPLOYEE DIES  We will never know if the Chief ALJ’s actions hastened this employee’s death, but they sure did not help. A judge in SSA’s Office of Hearing Operations (OHO) in North Charleston, South Carolina had … Continue reading

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EMPLOYEE FORCES AGENCY TO SEND HER TO TRAINING  You read a lot about employees grieving or challenging removals and suspensions as well as leave and promotion denials.  But it is rare to see a case where the employee knew enough … Continue reading

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I WILL BURN DOWN YOUR HOUSE! EEOC long ago ruled that it constitutes illegal reprisals for a manager to tell an employee who has filed an EEO complaint that was the “wrong way to go about getting a promotion.” (Binseel … Continue reading

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EEOC ORDERS RETRO INCENTIVE AWARD PLUS $5,000 SWEETENER Throughout the year, the employee’s first and second line supervisors (S1 and S2) led him to believe that he was going to be rated at the top level.  In fact, that is … Continue reading

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WHAT DO SELECTING OFFICIALS OWE BQ CANDIDATES–AGAIN?  We can’t say this often enough.  When Selecting Officials non-select BQ candidates, especially those with higher scores than the selectee, the Selecting Official (SO) must provide the non-selected applicant something more than a … Continue reading

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THE MONSTER OF EAGLE BUTTE, SOUTH DAKOTA It has been a long time since we have run across as despicable a federal manager as the one at an HHS office there.  When an employee, a clinical pharmacist, filed an EEO … Continue reading

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PROBATIONARY VA MUSLIM MD GETS OVER $3 MILLION FOR DISCRIMINATION On July 5, 2013, a VA Doctor filed a formal EEO complaint claiming that the VA discriminated against him based on race, national origin (Middle Eastern), religion (Muslim), and in … Continue reading

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