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WHAT IF YOU JUST ALERT MANAGEMENT TO AN EEO PROBLEM BUT NEVER FILE A COMPLAINANT? A well-meaning Corrections Supervisor approached the Warden and “… voiced some concerns with…promoting other staff to the acting position and compensating one at the higher … Continue reading

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WHAT ARE COMPENSATORY DAMAGES FOR DISCRIMINATION? A lot of FEDSMILL articles mention that employees who win discrimination grievances or complaints often get “compensatory damages.” So, we thought we would take just a minute to explain what that term means because … Continue reading

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WHEN IS CO-WORKER HARASSMENT ILLEGAL AND THE AGENCY’S FAULT? Although the lawyers break it down into a much longer list of criteria, EEOC recently put it in a nutshell as follows: “In the case of co-worker harassment, an agency is … Continue reading

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EVEN DISCLOSURE BY MISTAKE OF MED INFO IS ILLEGAL AND COMPENSABLE Instead of sending an email notifying his supervisor that an employee had been taken to the hospital, a CBP manager sent all 118 co-workers at an Arizona station naming … Continue reading

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8 YEARS OF BACK PAY & CHOICE OF WORK LOCATION When a few managers at the Greenville North Carolina TSA facility decided to make life miserable for an employee merely because she wanted all the sexual harassment to stop, the … Continue reading

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EEOC ORDERS AGENCY TO RESTORE HIGHER GRADED DUTIES TO EMPLOYEES EEOC recently caught the managers at the Voice of American using a not so common trick to deny a couple of employees promotions.  The managers simply withdrew certain duties from … Continue reading

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EEOC HIGHLIGHTS TWO REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION PRECEDENTS When an employee asked for a change in her work schedule because of her medical condition, but did not technically request a “reasonable accommodation” for a disability, the agency concluded it did not have … Continue reading

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HOW INTERIOR PASSED OVER A GAY FIRE ENGINE CAPTAIN FOR PROMOTION It happens all too often to gays, women, minorities, union reps, the disabled, seniors and others considered too different from those with the power to make decisions – and … Continue reading

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“CBP NATION”- A MANAGEMENT FACEBOOK PAGE Some managers in a Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Patrol Texas port set up a Facebook page allegedly as “an outreach program for suicide prevention and awareness” for current and former employees.  It had … Continue reading

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HOW TO MEASURE MANAGEMENT UNFAIRNESS Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a way to measure how unfair agency policies or practices are, especially if the measure was widely recognized as having evidentiary value? Of course, it would because union … Continue reading

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