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WELL ISN’T THIS AN INTERESTING UNION COVID RESPONSE Some enterprising legal eagles in New York City just filed a class action lawsuit claiming that an employer must provide reasonable accommodations to employees at risk of catching COVID-19 at the job site.  Their … Continue reading

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FEDS OVER 40 CATCH A BREAK The Trump Administration tried to slash federal employee rights to fight age discrimination, but on April 6, 2020 the Supreme Court slapped them down hard. The Trumpetteers wanted to force feds to have to … Continue reading

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ACCOMMODATING THE DISABLED ALMOST EVERY TIME IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH  Not long ago the Dept. of Defense tried to defend itself against an allegation that it had failed to provide a deaf employee a reasonable accommodation by pointing out that … Continue reading

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ARBITRATING EQUAL PAY ACT DISPUTES–EASY-PEASY What can a Hispanic woman do if she is not getting the same salary as a man performing nearly identical duties? She can file a complaint with the EEOC claiming a violation of the Equal … Continue reading

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TIME TO QUARANTINE CBP MANAGEMENT? We have been watching CBP management for a while and it seems as if it is a diseased culture at the top of this vital agency.  EEOC has pointed out all too often that it … Continue reading

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EEOC ISSUES NEW GUIDANCE ADDRESSING THE ADA, REHABILITATION ACT AND COVID-19 Union reps need to stay abreast of information like this that will determine whether and how they can help their members.

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THE REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION SEARCH AREA How far must an agency search in seeking a position to which it can reassign an employee needing a reasonable accommodation?  Here is what EEOC said recently. “We emphasize that a federal agency’s obligation under … Continue reading

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UNLAWFUL DISCLOSURE OF EMPLOYEE EEO ACTIVITY TO OTHERS EEOC just wrote that the statutory anti-retaliation provisions prohibit any adverse treatment that is based on a retaliatory motive and is reasonably likely to deter a reasonable employee from engaging in protected … Continue reading

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LIES & RACISM FROM THE VETERAN AFFAIRS An employee alleged that the VA treated her disparately in not selecting her for the position of RN Manger/Specialty Clinic (Nurse Manager), and it sure looks to us that VA managers lied to … Continue reading

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RELIGIOUS ACCOMMODATION GONE NUTS? Maybe a better title for this post would be “One Small Step for a Catholic, One Giant Leap for Catholicism.” EEOC just reported that the VA excused an employee from attending a simple training program on … Continue reading

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