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FEDERAL APPEALS COURT EXPANDS RIGHT TO CHALLENGE DISCRIMINATION For years most courts have held that an employee must show some tangible adverse harm before s/he can challenge a management action as being discriminatory, e.g., a termination, loss of overtime, denied … Continue reading

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FREE EEOC WEBINAR MAY 11–REGISTER FAST EEOC is running a free webinar geared toward union reps as much as anyone else. It is scheduled for 1 pm eastern time on the 11th and will focus on the latest EEOC/EEO developments. … Continue reading

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THE AD/HD WORKER’S ADA PROTECTION In our experience, too many feds do not recognize what physical and mental conditions are protected by federal anti-discrimination statutes. EEOC is letting International Paper, Inc. know that the company violated law when it failed … Continue reading

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MANAGER’S EEO-RELATED THREAT IS ILLEGAL AND COSTLY An employee, who EEOC calls Shelby, had a meeting with a high-level manager to describe how he believed his first line supervisor was discriminating against him.  When the employee finished outlining the allegations … Continue reading

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BIRTHDAY PARTIES AND PANIC ATTACKS Although the jury’s decision already has received wide publicity, it is such an interesting case that we thought we would make sure none of our readers missed it.  It seems management forced an employee to … Continue reading

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MANAGERS SAY THE DARNDEST UNTRUE THINGS UNDER OATH Bargaining unit employees can be fired, and even criminally prosecuted, for making a false statement on a federal document or under oath. So, it always amazes us that once the employees move … Continue reading

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HOW TO FIND EEOC DECISIONS EEOC has redesigned its home page with the result that it is a little more difficult for federal employees to find copies of its decisions.  So, we thought we would save you a few minutes … Continue reading

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EEOC ALLOWS GAY NASA EMPLOYEE TO REASSIGN HIS SUPERVISOR We pay NASA employees to keep their head in the clouds—in a good way, but how could they have missed that it is against the law to discriminate against gay employees? … Continue reading

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GILBERT & BROIDA RESCUE DISABLED CBP OFFICERS Way back in 2014 we wrote about a Customs and Border Patrol Officer with sleep apnea who asked to not be assigned to night shift or overtime work because his condition required that … Continue reading

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ONE MORE TIME WITH GUSTO: GRIEVING NON-SELECTION We have said it many times before, but we can’t make the point to often.  If a qualified employee is non-selected for promotion in favor of a person from a different protected civil … Continue reading

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