FLRA and the Air Force have an on-going disagreement over something known as aged comp time, which is comp time that remains unused at the time that the agency regulations required it be paid off and taken off the books. The Air Force believes that when it pays off this comp time it need only pay at a time and one-half rate of the employee’s hourly base pay rate.  Employees, however, have argued and convinced arbitrators that their payments should include night shift differential because they would have received that when they originally worked the overtime.  FLRA agreed with the employees and arbitrators, noting that even OPM had told Air Force to pay the differential, only to be ignored.  Now Air Force not only gets to pay the night shift differential going back years, but it also must essentially double whatever that amount of money is because the arbitrator found that it had willfully violated the law.  (See AFGE, 68 FLRA 102 (2014))

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