When a few managers at the Greenville North Carolina TSA facility decided to make life miserable for an employee merely because she wanted all the sexual harassment to stop, the employee decided to stand up for herself and push back hard with an EEO complaint aimed at the managers and her co-workers the managers turned against her. When EEOC got a look at the evidence, it not only found prolonged harassment, but it also declared that there was no factual basis for charges management used to terminate her in 2013. So, it awarded her back pay to 2013.  But on top of that because management had unjustly denied her a reassignment to the Santa Barbara, CA TSA location that she was qualified for in 2013, EEOC gave her the choice of picking where she wanted to work if she returned—Greenville or Santa Barbara.  You do not see that often.  For details check out Phyllis F. v. Alejandro n. Mayorkas, DHS, TSA, EEOC No. 0120150799 (2021)

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