Don’t let anyone ever tell you that a good labor relations fight is not worth the time and effort.  We just saw a case where someone applied for a job in 1996, was rejected and challenged the agency alleging its promotion procedures were illegal, among other things.  While the case took nearly two decades to work its way through all the motions and appeals, in the end the EEOC ordered the agency to retroactively give him the job retroactive to 1996 with back pay, interest, all the step increases and promotions he would have normally received, annual and sick leave earnings and retirement credit. Moreover, since he is one of a group or class of applicants who were similarly treated illegally this decision should lead to big back pay bucks for them. If you want details on how the applicant was able to go back more than two decades read. Congrats to the employee and his representative for insisting on every dime the agency owes t he employee. Brenton v. Dept. of Transportation, EEOC No. 01201630554 (June, 2017)

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  1. Tina Marie says:

    Thank you for sharing this article and the one on shock directly below this. Happy to see federal employees can actually win in some of these EEOC cases. It is unfortunate, this process can take so long to do so.

    Where can I find this case and the Erwin B., v. Megan J. Brennan, Postmaster, EEOC No. 0720150029 (March 2016) case please. I tried to look them up via the EEOC website, but they appear to be unavailable. Please Help

  2. Doc Sanchez says:

    Finally, some JUSTICE in this country…and you have to admire the tenacity of this Employee and representative…

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