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CAN AGENCIES REQUIRE EMPLOYEES TO VACCINATE? This is going to be a hotly contested issue.  While we at Fedsmill do not have anything to say about it right now, we thought you might like to see what the folks at … Continue reading

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OH HOW LITTLE FSIP MEMBER CARTER KNOWS One of the predictable things about anti-union zealots, like the current membership of the FSIP, is that they almost never consider the second and third level consequences of their wildly biased decisions.  This … Continue reading

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HOW TO MEASURE MANAGEMENT UNFAIRNESS Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a way to measure how unfair agency policies or practices are, especially if the measure was widely recognized as having evidentiary value? Of course, it would because union … Continue reading

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ABOUT “SAME RACE” DISCRIMINATION Although it rarely comes up in the media, we thought you might like to read a short piece from the law firm of Fox Rothschild.  It is about what happens when a supervisor uses racial slurs … Continue reading

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ARE UNION REPS JUST TOO THOUGHTLESS TO DO THIS? For the umpteenth time we have yet another case where the union’s own incompetence destroyed their ability to win a grievance.  In this case, the agency changed some employees’ working conditions … Continue reading

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