Kiko & Abbott are working hard to undermine, gut or obliterate nearly every right employees and unions have.  But, often all they are doing is placing extra obstacles in the road that practitioners can get around if they modify their term agreement. So, is taking on the task of helping Negotiators work around the Kiko-Abbott droppings. We are going to issue Negotiator Alerts that point them in the right direction or even give them some proposed language to work with. Today, we are taking on the damage they did to the efficient and logical flow of grievances through to arbitration, which we explained in the posting entitled, “KIKO-ABBOTT RIP UP ANOTHER ARBITRATION AWARD.”  These workarounds will often drive negotiated agreements to deeper levels of detail, complexity and liability, but zealous political appointees really don’t care about that.  For them it is all about stroking their egos—or whatever. Here is the proposal that will help practitioners get around the mess created by U.S. Agency for Global Media, 70 FLRA 946 (2018).

“Arbitrators retain jurisdiction over all awards not only until they are final and binding, but also to clarify/interpret/correct for the parties his/her award and to rule on whether the award was correctly implemented. Jurisdiction does not end until 30 days after the awards are correctly implemented.  Should the arbitrator’s original award be modified or rejected in any way by a reviewing authority, the decision shall be remanded and the arbitrator shall retain jurisdiction to correct the modified or rejected award, should either party request within 75 days of the review that modified or rejected it.”

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