Customs and Border Protection (CBP) established a push-up requirement for its law enforcement officers.  It is unclear whether they pulled the number of push-ups required out of thin air or from professionally developed study establishing a verifiable job-related connection between the number required and success in the job.  Well, over time a significantly greater number of women failed to meet the push-up standard than men.  That resulted in women losing out on the job more often than men due to this requirement.  At some point, an employee or two decided to push back against CBP and found a law firm that would represent her and all women who were similarly denied the job during the probationary period. That firm has decided this case is significant enough that it is posting on its web site all the important documents in the case so that these women can keep up with developments. Check out EEOC’s preliminary decision approving the firm’s ability to deal with this as a class action.

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