AFGE has done it, NFFE has too, and now NWSEO has as well. They have all “put their money where their mouth is” and admitted that “it takes money to make money.”  The point is that each of them has offered a $100 incentive for every new member.  It is hard to imagine a national union leader preaching the importance of membership growth without putting a triple figure incentive in place to help local leaders actually recruit.  While getting an immediate $100 pay off merely for signing up with the union is hardly the best reason to join a union, it seems to work.  AFGE has used its $100 Bonus Bucks program, along with other mechanisms, to double the number of union members over the last decade or so.    If a union’s leadership will not fund at least a $100 rebate program then it should stop pushing (nagging?) local leaders to get more members. If it will not do it at least to try to revive the union’s zombie locals, the leadership is cheating all the more successful locals that have to make up the funding zombies do not provide.

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