A tip of the hat to the law firm of Passman & Kaplan for its new book entitled, FEDERAL EMPLOYEES LEGAL SURVIVAL GUIDE (3rd ed.).  The firm, whose lawyers only represent employees and unions, has produced a book that will benefit any full-time union rep, chief steward or local president.   The first thing we liked about it is its thoroughness.  It covers virtually every topic a union rep is going to run into. We have reproduced its Table to Contents below in case you doubt us. Another part we and many of you will appreciate are the many representational “Tips” the firm provides for union reps as it walks the reader through the procedures and rights associated with 33 different representational issues we can face.  Finally, the page layout makes it very easy to read as opposed to some of the advice books that jam a zillion words on a page in eight-point type.  Give it an A+ for being reader-friendly. This is something you should have in the union office to fill in the gaps for the experienced local union reps and to help new union reps get a very good overview of areas they will work.

Federal Employees Survival Guide, 3rd Edition–Table of Contents

Chapter 1    Appointment In The Federal Civil Service And Suitability For Federal Employment

Chapter 2    Performance Appraisals

Chapter 3    Performance-Related Discipline

Chapter 4    Misconduct: Adverse Actions And Discipline

Chapter 5    Discrimination: What It Is And How To Prove It

Chapter 6    Discrimination: The Complaint Process

Chapter 7    Whistleblowing And Prohibited Personnel Practices

Chapter 8    Unions And Collective Bargaining

Chapter 9    Reductions-In-Force And Furloughs

Chapter 10    Security Clearances And “Sensitive” Positions

Chapter 11    Overtime And Other Special Pay

Chapter 12    Classification Appeals

Chapter 13    Promotions And Within-Grade Increases

Chapter 14    Leave Issues

Chapter 15    Workers’ Compensation

Chapter 16    Federal Employees Health Benefits Program

Chapter 17    Unemployment Compensation

Chapter 18    Retirement

Chapter 19    Veterans’ Rights

Chapter 20    Ethics In Government

Chapter 21    Constitutional Rights

Chapter 22    Information And Privacy

Chapter 23    The Hatch Act: Prohibited Political Activities

Chapter 24    Personal Liabilty

Chapter 25    Postal Service Employee Rights

Chapter 26    Congressional And Presidential Employees’ Rights

Chapter 27    Waivers Of Overpayment And Financial Claims Against The Government

Chapter 28    Miscellaneous

Chapter 29    Special Categories

Chapter 30    Internet Research

Chapter 31    How To Find A Lawyer

Chapter 32    Resolving Disputes Through Settlement

Chapter 33    How To Prepare For An Administrative Hearing

Kaplan is a former Deputy Director of Negotiations at NTEU and Passman is out of the AFGE General Counsel shop.  To order the book by phone (202-789-0100), fax (202-789-0101), email (bookorder@passmanandkaplan.com), and online (www.passmanandkaplan.com/Federal-Employees-Survival-Guide.shtml).


  • $29.95   Paperback
  • $24.95   E-book
  • $39.95   Bundle-Paperback and E-book
  • $1.72     Tax
  • $6.00     Shipping and Handling (per paperback, for all mail orders

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FEDSMILL staff has over 40 years of federal sector labor relations experience on the union as well as management side of the table and even some time as a neutral.
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  1. Ursula says:

    I discovered Passman and Kaplan about two years ago when I began having a tremendous amount of problems with my supervisor on my federal job. They have a great website that I used for research and learned what steps I need to take to potect my right. I immediately bought their book and it has become my Bible. It is my go to resource and the best learning tool your money can buy. I’ve use the information from this book to defend myself on numerous occasions from a bullying supervisor. This book was a great help for me because I ultimately had to file an EEO discrimination case. Actually, I bought this book because my agency was not doing anything to stop the bullying by my supervisor, despite my numerous written complaints. The information in chapters 4, 5, 6 and 15 are the chapters I have used ,and learn from, the most. I highly recommend this book! Also I recommend people purchase the BOOK as they will refer to it quite frequently, especially if you work for an agency that classifies all work related issues as a “Misperception.”

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