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  97. Federal employees continue to be assaulted by Congress. When comparing position to position, federal employees receive 30% less pay than their civilian counterparts, yet Congress continues to prevent or reduce federal employee’s cost of living pay increases below the inflationary rate increase, and by increasing our costs to receive our retirement pension, medical/dental and vision insurance. One day brothers and sisters, we will need to join in solidarity to send a message that enough is enough. I agree 100% with Frank H. when is the pendulum going to swing back from fascism and towards the policies that made this country the strongest nation in the world?

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  102. Ben Toyama says:

    Just wanted to tell you that we sign up about 90% of the newly hired apprentices every year for the past 5 years. We sign about 90 out of a hundred and we do it because these youngsters appreciate the Union.

    the open letter to the new employees is important however, we frame the issues differently because none of the newbies think anything bad will happen to them. It is always the other guy. So we tell them that we, the Union, fight for their Respect, Dignity and Pride, and if the workplace is not fair regarding work assignments, training, over time or career opportunities, it is the Union’s problem and we are responsible to correct all of that. If that supervisor does not treat you right, it is our fault because we are responsible to stop that.

    We tell them that the Naval Shipyard belongs to the Taxpayer, and we are the Taxpayer and we must treat the Shipyard like we own it. We tell them the only way to secure the ownership is to have “voice” to ensure the efficiency, productivity and future of the Shipyard. We tell them the Union is the only way to gain that all important voice, so join with us and expand your influence, expand our influence and join the Union.

    IFPTE Local 121,

  103. Ben Toyama says:

    Please keep me on your terrific site. I use the information in a lot of ways and the help and knowledge you provide is amazing. I used the information on EEO complaints to secure over $285K in settlements. I got a handful of cases moving through the system. I am now appealing an indefinite suspension because of the suspension of a security clearance. I am in Hawaii and I represent the members in the IFPTE Local 121 and the Metal trades Council in Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard.

  104. Theresa Weaver says:

    retiring, please remove from your mailing list. thank you

  105. Frank H says:

    Subj: Payroll Tax Issue

    If President Obama lets the payroll 2% go back in place it will totally hit the Middle Class, Public and Federal Employees.
    This has ZERO effect on the Top Earners who Congress is protecting.
    They will have earned enough in a few days in January to totally stop ANY payroll tax being withheld on them because they will have gone over the $110,100.00 Max Yearly Income under the payroll tax.
    Many TPs will take all year or not even hit the Max. $110,100.00 for the payroll tax.
    The public, all of our members, the Congress and Senate need to understand what is really going on with this issue.
    I KNOW many of you KNOW this BUT the Impact to many and NONE to ‘Some’ needs to be known.

  106. Tony Mach says:

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  109. Pat Hull AFGE 1923 says:

    Can’t find the open letter for probationary people in order to copy it.

    • AdminUN says:

      You led us to a glitch in the system. Thanks. We are trying to fix it now, but here is the letter.

      Welcome to federal employment. It can be a great place to work and pursue a wonderful career. If there is anything the union can do for you, do not hesitate to ask. The names and contact points of our union’s representatives are attached in case you want to talk with us.

      The last thing any newly hired employee wants to think about is failing and being fired. But, face it. It can happen even if you do not deserve it. You can be assigned to a manager who has a personality problem with you, the agency budget or workload can shrink creating pressure on managers to reduce the payroll, some member of the public can file a complaint against you, an injury or illness might require more sick leave than you have earned, or someone may just be blaming you by mistake. If you have not learned it already, things can change fast on a job and those changes are not always fair.

      If that happens to you or you even think the odds of it happening to you are growing, come see us. Don’t believe anyone who tells you a probationary employee does not have the right to appeal a termination. There are more than a dozen ways to do that by filing a complaint with other federal agencies such as the MSPB, FLRA, EEOC, OSC, and in some cases under the collective bargaining agreement. Many times the union gets problems fixed just by going to the right people and using the long working the relationships we have. And while a private attorney can charge thousands to represent you—if you can even find one who specializes in the problems of a federal probationary employee or knows the management structure of this agency, the union does not charge dues-paying members a dime. If you are not yet a union member, ask one of our representatives about whether we even have to represent a probationary employee in an appeal.

      So, best of luck, we are glad you came to work here with us, and do not hesitate to call on us–whether to talk about appeal rights or any of the other rights you have, e.g., performance appraisal fairness rules, the right to telework or to work something other than a 5-day, 8 hour a day schedule, performance awards, leave, etc. Every union representatives was once a newly hired employee just like you and knows what you are about to go through.

  110. valentenia daugherty says:

    How may we receive archived articles. We are new to you

    • AdminUN says:

      All our articles can be accessed by clicking into the Archive file at the bottom left side of the home page. We only started last September. Or you can find them all listed by topic area in the TOPIC list on the right side column. Thanks for the interest.

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