In which of the following situations will EEOC argue that the employee has been the victim of illegal retaliation under the Civil Rights laws? (1) An EEO Specialist was reprimanded for telling her manager that she thought the office did not fight national origin discrimination hard enough; (2) A manager told an employee to never again go outside the chain of command to complain about what he perceived as sexual harassment of women elsewhere in the office; and (3) An employee witness in an EEO complaint said she “Agreed” that her manager was fair to all minorities, but said she could not say, Strongly Agree,” and when her manager found out he expressed his regret that she did not support him more forcefully. For the answers, check out the post from EMPLOYMENT & LABOR INSIDER entitled, “EEOC Retaliation Guidance, Part 1: You Gotta Be “Protected”! EEOC is taking a very broad view of what constitutes retaliation.

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