About two weeks ago we posted about how the Governor of Florida is threatening to “slit the throat” of federal employees if he is elected president. Yet, as I write this, thousands of federal employees are scrambling to help the citizens of Florida deal with a storm the likes of which has not been seen there in over 100 years. Their work also will likely save the governor from the potential political backlash this storm’s damage will do. Will the governor praise them, thank them, or even recognize them for doing what he and his state employee cannot do.  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Will he claim credit for their good work?  ABSOLUTELY!  Here is a short list of which feds are at the heart of the rescue effort in Florida:

  • IRS will help Floridians reconstruct lost records, apply for tax benefits, and delay filing returns.
  • SSA will redirect thousands of monthly payments from addresses that no longer exist to new ones.
  • EPA will deploy to check on the contamination of Florida’s waters
  • Commerce will shift staff to get funds to damaged small businesses.
  • DHS will move hundreds of FEMA folks to Florida for a month or more to help the victims.
  • HHS Public Health resources will be redirected to fight against disease outbreaks.
  • The VA will refocus priorities to ensure Florida’s veterans get the emergency help they need.
  • Agriculture will jump in to see what Florida’s crop growers and processors need.

All they will all do it for a guy who promises to gut their agencies’ budgets, unemploy them, and damage their families’ futures.  WHAT A CLASSY GUY THAT GOVERNOR IS!

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